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City Collection Scent Notes

AMESBURY began as a modest farming community, shipbuilding, shipping and fishing played an important role, with a ferry line to transport goods and people across the Merrimack River to nearby Newburyport, and scent notes of blackberry, wood, currant and sea salt are a great combination.

ANDOVER was a global leader in the textile industry for over a century and we honor this heritage with a light fresh clean fragrance made up of cedar, cotton blossoms and citrus.  There’s a hint of ozone as well which acts as an odor neutralizer.

BEVERLY features a rose base that might remind you of playing in Lynch Park’s historic Rose Garden or listening to Sunday evening summer concert at the shell.  Hints of lily, sea salt and honey only enhance it and bring you right back.

BEVERLY COVE is long considered to be the oldest neighborhood of Beverly, predating any other. Located far from the City's downtown and industrial areas, it was once mainly comprised of woods and farm land. Notes of spearmint, eucalyptus and wood recognize this.

BEVERLY FARMS was built by strong immigrants who literally laid the foundation of this village community.  Notes of jasmine, lavender, citrus and sea salt deliver a linen-like scent to honor those from long gone days and their descendants still thriving here.

DANVERS is a spicy blend of saffron, ginger and sandalwood. It's a tribute to the historic homes throughout Essex County, especially those in the Salem Historic District like the Rebecca Nurse Homestead, a key location of the Salem Witch Trials.

ESSEX is known as the home of fried clams but natives know it’s so much more.  This inspired and artistic coastal community is surrounded by beautiful estuaries and salt marshes, and our soft blend of jasmine, lemon, tonka and sea salt compliments it.

GEORGETOWN was once a leading manufacturer of cigars, furniture, coffins and caskets so a blend of tobacco leaf, peppercorn, spice, teakwood and amber pays tribute to its nineteenth century past.

GROVELAND has the prettiest landscape with elm and pine-lined streets and parks.  It’s exactly why a blend of cyprus, pine and mint is the perfect combination to recognize it!

GLOUCESTER is the home to America’s oldest seaport and working art colony in North America. Its rugged and beautiful coastline has drawn fishermen, families, artists and visitors for 400 years and our masculine candle blends the ancient scents of lavender, white sage and sea salt in its honor.

HAMILTON is horse country around here, and our cedar, oak and vanilla candle brings you right into the barn for an afternoon ride through the woods.

HAVERHILL has a rich diverse history, with early settlers founding it as a farming community. In later centuries was recognized as a manufacturing hub for woolen goods, shoes and hats.  In the early 1900s, it was best known as providing inspiration for Bob Montana's Archie comics.  Scent notes are moss, cedar, leather and orange.

IPSWICH has some of our county’s prettiest geography and we recognize just one area with an apple fragrance that has hints of cinnamon, orange and vanilla that take us right to the orchards nestled in salt marshes along the ocean.

LYNN, Lynn, city of sin couldn’t be further from the truth, and our offering of black currant, amber and vanilla make up the most sinful fragrance of all and allow us to pay homage to its alleged sinful past!

LYNNFIELD has much green space, lakes and ponds as well as several fun shopping districts. Historically, it was once two villages connected by one governing body and later was at the center of the Newburyport Turnpike, a stagecoach line running north from Boston to Portsmouth that led to the making of the US Route 1 known today.  Green leaves, green floral and wood honors this community.

MAGNOLIA is small village of Gloucester and so much more.  Featuring a rocky coast and magical mansions, a vanilla base is highlighted with woody notes of sandalwood, patchouli, sea salt and spice.

MANCHESTER-BY-THE-SEA was originally a fishing village before establishing itself as a wealthy summer destination.  The simple lily-of-the-valley fragrance with rich jasmine blend just as nicely as the town inhabitants did.

MARBLEHEAD has oak moss, melon and violet and smells like a summer stroll down picturesque lanes towards the harbor as ocean breezes fill the air. This community was originally known for a rich fishing history, today it's recognized as a leader in the competitive sailing world. 

MERRIMAC has beautiful trails and ponds just perfect for a day’s adventure or a week’s camping experience.  Green earthy notes of fig, moss and cedar with a touch of sweet citrus give a sophisticated clean fragrance.

MIDDLETON has notes of black raspberry and vanilla that are just like a trip to a well-known dairy farm for a must-have ice cream cone.  The fragrance is as delightful as the dessert itself.

NAHANT, named by Native Americans, means “the point”. It is a tiered island connected to the mainland by a natural tombolo or peninsula (i.e., a causeway to Lynn).  There are ten beaches along its small coastline which is why this grassy vetiver base is perfect with a touch of sea salt.

NEWBURYPORT features beautiful notes of cardamom, orange and sea salt, a beautiful ocean blend that honors this coastal town's spicy seaport past.

PEABODY has layers of leather, sandalwood and musk to recognize its status as the epicenter of New England’s leather industry. In the early 20th century, it attracted immigrants from around the world that resonate culturally there today.

ROCKPORT is a popular tourist destination. Bear Skin Neck and its quaint shops overlooking the harbor is a true highlight, especially the candy stores with their samples of salt water taffy to enjoy while strolling.  This vanilla base with orange, lemon, lime, sugar and strawberry is almost as good.

ROWLEY is ever changing. Founded as a plantation, it quickly evolved into a leading mill town of hemp, flax and cotton.  During the American Revolution, it was the training base for Benedict Arnold's Quebec.  Scent notes include oak moss, amber and lavender.

SALEM is well known for its colorful witch stories, but its historic seaport past as a major spice importer is far more interesting.  This cardamom base with layers of vetiver and sea salt pay tribute to its spicy place in history.

SWAMPSCOTT is like so many coastal towns in Essex County, its foundation is laid within the fishing industry. Lighting this citrus, plum, and amber candle pays homage to its shore with soothing sounds of the Atlantic lapping the beaches as a backdrop.

TOPSFIELD is home to America’s oldest county fair and we pay homage to this town with a caramel popcorn-scented candle.  Its fragrance smells like cruising the fairgrounds while holding a newly won goldfish and a big stuffed animal.

WAKEFIELD is home to Lake Quannapowitt, long regarded as the town’s greatest natural resource. It’s also home to the oldest inland yacht club in the US, Quannapowitt Yacht Club, which was founded I 1886. Notes of green leaves, fig and moss smell like a stroll around the lake on a pretty spring day

WENHAM, tucked between larger cities, has preserved much of its rural charm with antique homes, stone walls, and miles and miles of tree-lined country roads. We recognize one of their longest-operating establishments with a charming tea-scented candle. Cozier, perhaps than a mere cup itself!

WEST NEWBURY was founded as a farming community until manufacturing made its way in the early 1800s.  We honor its origins while recognizing the present day as a beautiful residential community with abundant Christmas tree farms with layers of pine, fir, currant and vanilla.

OTHER AVAILABLE CITIES INCLUDE…  Reading, Newbury, North Reading, Salisbury, Methuen, Lawrence, North Andover, Boxford, and more. 


As always, our year round Classic Collection includes Vanilla, Lavender, and Sweet Lemon.