My Why

Candles set the mood, whether they're the highlight of a birthday celebration or just part of your nightly ritual.  I started making them when I realized the ones I was buying were causing my family to feel sick (we have a few different autoimmune conditions so why add toxins to our environment).

Like many, I turned to diffusers to scent my home, but I really missed that glow. So I set out to learn what I could about making clean burning candles.  I made and gave some to family and friends, and they really liked them.  So I made more.  And now I make them for you!

You can be assured that my candles are of the highest quality. They are clean-burning and eco-friendly, and you can feel safe burning them around children and pets. They are also lightly scented so as not to overpower, cause headaches or affect allergies.

I use only the best US-sourced products including phthalate-free fragrances, soy wax grown on Midwest farms and lead-free cotton wicks. My containers are US-made and reusable and I am always looking for ways to improve.  Each candle is hand poured with love so you may enjoy the glow!

xoxo Suzanne